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Preschool Levels

Preschool 1 - Swimmers enter this level when they are between 3-5 years old. Swimmers learn to jump into chest deep water with the assistance of the instructor. They will work on basic floats and glides, and learn to get their face wet while blowing bubbles underwater. 
Preschool 2 - Swimmers learn to jump into chest deep water on their own and get in and out of water wearing a lifejacket. They will submerge and exhale underwater and perform front and back glides while wearing a lifejacket. 
Preschool 3 - Swimmers will try both jumping and a sideways entry into deep water while wearing a lifejacket. They will recover objects from the bottom and work on kicking and gliding through the water on their front and back.
Preschool 4 - Swimmers will learn to do solo jumps in deeper water and get out by themselves. They will perform sideways entries and open their eyes underwater. They will master a 5 metre front swim wearing a lifejacket and gliding and kicking on their side.
Preschool 5 - Swimmers learn the forward roll entry and how to tread water. They will work on their front and back crawls and be introduced to the whip kick. Children 5 years or older are ready for the appropriate level of the Lifesaving Society of Canada.
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